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Kashif Kamran Strategic Business Leader (SBL) - June 23 - English - KK Prepare anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. ACCA Extensive Course

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Course Detail

11 chapters

53 lectures


Syllabus area A and B Leadership. governance and ethics (Kashif Kamran)

Syllabus area C Strategy (Kashif Kamran)

Syllabus area D Risk management (Kashif Kamran)

Syllabus area E Technology and data analytics ( Hussain Qazi)

Syllabus area F Internal controls (Kashif Kamran)

Syllabus areas G Finance in planning and decision making (Hussain Qazi)

Syllabus area H Enabling success and change management (Hussain Qazi)

Exam drilling and practice sessions (Kashif Kamran)

SBL new articles (Sept 22 onwards)

Webinar to success(revision pack) Dec 22

  • Description
  • Instructor

SBL March 23 course by Kashif Kamran,  admissions now open

  • The entire course is pre-recorded, which covers entire syllabus, and ample practice of past papers.
  • Plus you can email your assignments ( past papers you attempt) as many as you want to the tutor for constructive feedback.
  • Moreover, in the month of February 23, there will be a revision webinar exclusive for the registered student where any recent paper will be solved alongside examiner report to further fine tune your exam techniques and confidence.
  • Further, the course for March 23, will be enhanced by further lectures ( both content lectures and practice) , which will be uploaded during the stretch of course from Dec 22 till March 23, and any lecture updates will be informed to students. This course updating relate to syllabus area E,G and H( which was previously taken by Mr. Hussain qazi, but now the Syllabus area E and H will be taken on by Kashif Kamran which will result in lecture changes, however syllabus area G lectures for the time being will remain same, however if any changes are needed it will be updated.). So Kashif Kamran will now be taking 7 out of 8 syllabus areas, previously he was taking 5 out of 8.
  • There will be a student Whatsapp group for all your queries where you can engage with other students and tutor.
  • The course already include a Dec 22 exclusive webinar to success (revision pack) for 10 hours which was exclusively available to paid student and is not publicly available.
  • The orientation session, for the pre-recorded course for March 23 will be held on 17th December 23, timings will be communicated later in Whatsapp group, the orientation will devise the study plan for March exams.
  • You can enroll now and start your course asap.


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